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Press Coverage
At MX Publishing we love working with the press and we tailor our press campaigns to how much each author wants to get involved. A proud moment recently when Keith Hern appeared on ITV's This Morning in front of millions of viewers in an eleven minute interview:


You can watch the whole interview at the ITV This Morning Website.

We've been quite successful with national newspapers.The Observer ran a half page story on Paul Spiring's Bobbles and Plum PG Wodehouse playlets.

The Daily Mail ran a full page article on Keith Hern's battle with throat cancer and his book Bangers and Mash. Our Rugby History During the Nineteenth Century Book was book of the month in Rugby World and nominated for Rugby Book of the Year 2010. 

Alicia Eaton's new book 'Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days' featured in her interview on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour - NLP and Bedwetting as part of their parenting series. Paul Spiring's BBC Wales interview on Arthur Conan Doyle and Bertram Fletcher Robinson.

We have dozens of specialist reviews each year like The Sherlock Holmes Society of London review of Close To Holmes.
Regional press is very important, and authors like Paul Spiring have had dozens of pieces in their main regionals.

Put simply press coverage means extra book sales, but critically these days increased visitors to the author's own websites.


Some Examples

A Place In The Sun
Archery World
Barnet Times
BBC Radio 4
Daily Mail
Daily Record
Formula One
Hendon Times
Il Terazario
Mid Devon Advertiser
New York Daily News.com
Rugby World
The Observer
Time Out
USA Today.com
Western Morning News

and many more

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