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April 2011

New Titles This Month
A big welcome to Felicia Carparelli whose 'Murder in the Library' has a central character who is a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Set in a Chicago library it already has a following amongst librarians and Holmes fans. We interviewed Felicia about her new book - read more.

Facebook Update
A great month of growth for the two Facebook groups. Lots of interaction and linking across to new blog articles. Member numbers at time of writing:

NLP Books   1,751        Sherlock Holmes Books   1,570

New Blog Articles
We're getting some great articles from authors. Articles = traffic = book sales. The more interesting an author is, the more people are likely to buy their books. During March there were several dozen excellent articles - read more.

Forthcoming Titles
Several more Sherlock Holmes pastiches, history books, another rugby club history - read more.

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