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March 2011 Blog Articles from MX Publishing Authors.

A very busy March for our authors with several dozen articles proving very popular with our readers. A list of their blogs is on our Meet Our Authors page.

Kieran McMullen continued his fascinating series of articles on actors that have played Watson. In March Andre Morrell, Ian Fleming, Patrick McNee, Debrah Farnetino, James Mason and Robert Duvall all get excellent write ups.

Molly Carr has been reviewing this month. Shadowfall was hated by her husband (a purist) but enjoyed by Molly. She also appeals to Holmes fans out there to help her find the source of a caricature in A Tric'y Problem.

Tracy Revels had one review - the biography of Bertram Fletcher Robinson, a great background to one of her character The Voodoo Queen, and one of the most popular articles of the month Pondering Pastiches.

Alistair Duncan, in addition to announcing the release date of the most awaited historical Holmes book of the year 'An Entire New Country' which charts Conan Doyle's time at Undershaw delivered a brilliant piece about Screen Chemistry and Canonical Fidelity. He also turns Holmes himself trying to track down The Mystery of the Missing Plaque. Amazingly alongside writing the new tome Alistair had time to comprehensively review Watsons Afghan Adventure (layout comments very much noted) and despite being a self-confessed pastiche purist Shadowfall.

Felicia Carparelli reviews The Sign of Fear from Molly Carr taking the time to talk about More Americans and Holmes. Felicia started March with a fun article about Murder and Mayhem in Libraries and a very nice piece on Irene Adler.

Jackie Wilkinson has more money saving techniques in Newsworthy about newspapers and magazines.

Alex Buckley helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle insisting that Everyone knows how to lose weight.

Alicia Eaton's article on Using NLP to deal with feelings of fear was incredibly popular on the NLP sites and Linked In groups.

Caroline Cooper had three excellent articles for hotel owners on Not Letting Hotel Bookings Slip Through Your Fingers, how your Staff affect your brand and Hotel Breakfasts.

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