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As the web grows and Google has billions of pages to index, the importance of micro-sites in all businesses will become very apparent in 2011. At MX we are identifying the main keywords important to our business and looking to add sites specifically targetted at them.

For example. To try and be on the first page on Google for 'Sherlock Holmes' is unrealistic. For 'Sherlock Holmes Books' is a stretch (though we will be tackling that) so we are targetting 'Sherlock Holmes Pastiches'. Don't worry NLP and Coaching authors, we have plans in that area too.

So we have launched www.sherlockholmespasticheshop.com. As the site has a lot of Holmes content, namely all our books, and the key terms within the main website address (URL) we are confident it will do well.

As many of you are aware we are already launching websites for additional countries and this microsite strategy compliments that. Any of our authors or partners that would like to replicate this for their own business please get in touch as a microsite can be created within a few hours (using the Powa content and eCommerce platform) and costs are very low (from about £8 a month for an information site).

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