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Metro Poll Reveals British Attitudes to Sex

A new survey from newspaper Metro and Harris Interactive has some fascinating trends in British attitudes to sex in 2010.

The paper turned to relationship guru Sue Ostler (MX Publishing author of the bestselling ‘Flirt Diva’) for her comments on the survey:

“In these recessionary times, people turn to entertainment and, in today’s society, that takes the form of sex. People want sex and they want it now – but they are time-poor. There’s not as much time to invest in meaningful relationships, so people are spending money on entertaining themselves through sex”.

Commenting on the traditional view of the British being very prudish about sex Sue added that people are more open about the issue now, with less stigma and shame these days.

The Metro feature also mentioned Sue’s Flirt Diva Academy which has helped thousands of women to gain the confidence to find a meaningful relationship by passing on the skills Sue has perfected working with some of the world’s most interesting divas including Kylie, Madonna and Pamela Anderson.

The survey confirms that while men are increasing looking for a sex as entertainment, the vast majority of women are still looking for that meaningful route.

Some of the key results from the survey:
-    51% of people are in favour of legalising prostitution
(56% men, 46% of women)
-    One third of men and 10% of women have bought pornography
-    10% of men have paid for sex compared to 1% of women

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