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Publishing Customer Testimonials

"Having a book has allowed me to be extremely visible and bold in my market place. The Hotel Success Handbook is the best business card you can have if you’re offering hotel marketing. I never need to ‘explain’ my credentials to prospects and its great to be able to send prospects and clients a copy of the book by way of introduction or thank you.

Another great advantage of writing a book is that it gives you an excellent excuse to contact very influential people in your industry – to ask for a review or to write a foreword. Even before the book was published we had already brought ourselves to the attention of leaders in our field and this is never a bad thing if you’re looking to ‘make a name’ for yourself.

The book is an essential part of my businesses’ marketing plan (http://www.inspiredhotelmarketing.com) as it not only attracts prospects to my business, but instantly establishes credibility. It’s also nice to be able to add ‘author’ to my job description (in fact actually its ‘no1 on Amazon for hotel marketing author’ if you’re being specific!). I know that having been able to easily and effectively demonstrate my knowledge in the form of the book has attracted prospects and secured me clients"
Lucy Whittington, Hotel Marketing Consultant

"I have now published 3 books, all in the NLP arena for health and learning difficulties - Seeing Spells Achieving, You Too Can Do Health, and Recover Your Energy. I have published through MX Publishing. They have my books selling worldwide through 3rd party distribution, like Gardners, that is essential as books can be bought by stores on a sale or return basis. He also has printing agreements in several places across the globe. Owned by Steve Emecz, who is a gem, I have recommended him to many new authors. It is a delight to work with him and so supportive. Well worth talking to."
Olive Hickmott - NLP Master Practitioner
"Sound professional advice from the first meeting, calm but efficient direction to complete the manuscript in time and first class advice on marketing the finished product (For College, Club and Country), which we are delighted with."
Roger Bealing, Hon Secretary, Clifton Rugby Club

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