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Leading publications and societies reviews of our books:
  • Seeing Spells Achieving reviewed by British Dyslexia Association magazine

    "The book teaches visualisation which is a skill that is useful not only for spelling, but also for comprehension"

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  • Eliminate The Impossible reviewed by Sherlock Holmes Society, BFR Online, Syndey Passengers

    "Alistair Duncan knows his Holmes, and he brings a fresh eye to this 240 page survey of the Canon and its film and TV off-shoots. Eliminate the Impossible is well written and entertaining. The story summaries are concise and accurate, and the notes are frequently incisive. Most interesting, to my mind, and most controversial, are the comments on film and television portrayals."

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  • Bertram Fletcher Robinson reviewed by Sherlock Holmes Society, Scuttlebutt, Mayday Mayday, The Scion

    "What we have is a well illustrated, handsomely presented, and very readable account of his life as journalist, novelist and sportsman, with, naturally, particular emphasis on his part in the genesis of The Hound of the Baskervilles."

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  • Performance Strategies for Musicians reviewed by The Pianist Magazine

    "One of the top psychologists in the performing arts, David Buswell has been working with leading musicians one-to-one for many years to help them perform at their best, has written a new book to help. Performance Strategies for Musicians has applications for anyone who has to perform in public."

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  • Portuguese Property Guide reviewed by Portugal Magazine

    "This book has a great deal of information for anyone looking to buy property in Portugal. It has been well researched to provide the latest information on living and working in the country."

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  • Succeed In Sport reviewed by Archery UK

    "Jackie's straightforward commonsense approach is easy to follow and means we now have no excuse not to each have a tailored training programme"

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