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A timely reminder that there is not a lot of great motor-racing based fiction out there. Attempting to fill that gap is Michael Pearson with his book ‘A Ribbon of Road In The Moonlight’. The story centres on Mike Brookes, the boss of the fictional Pegasus Car Company, and his attempt to win the Targa Florio in 1957. If you have a strong interest in the great road races of the of the 1950s you’ll find plenty to enjoy. It certainly captures the spirit of the era.

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A ripping yarn for the petrolhead. Its 245 printed pages but won’t take long to read, so evocative is its fictional subject; with writing sufficiently compelling for the book to be a ‘non-put-downer’... or at least readers will rattle through each chapter as the story evolves. Set in the 1950s this tale of the Pegasus Motor Company and its ambitious owner [who’s sort-of identifiable with other, both living and now-dead, blokes] gets the Castrol R flowing through the veins. Of course, the company’s in imminent financial doo-doo; of course the owner is an ace racing driver and vehicle dynamics expert with a magic fiancée who ticks all the right boxes.

Of course, a famous old racing driver comes into the frame; of course there’s a couple of time-served racing technicians in the plot – all of whom are vaguely recognisable if you have an ounce of knowledge of motor racing history. And, of course, all the names [and characters] are made up – except for mentions of the likes of Fangio, Moss, De Portago and others...De Portago? Didn’t he die in that massive shunt on Mille Miglia, killing himself and many spectators and killing the event proper for ever? Of course. Mention of the Mille Miglia often brings the Targo Florio into mind. Yes, that’s the main thrust of the plot, and the target for Pegasus. To tell you any more would be to give too much away; it’s a recommended fun read for any petrolhead, and pretty accurate in its descriptions of – fictional – technical stuff. Read it. Ideal for a tad of nostalgic wallowing as the turkey is digested.

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