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New for 2015

2015 Another Big Year For Sherlock Holmes

We have a real mix of new titles coming in 2015 - there are many novels, new authors, and some new books from our established MX Holmes author team. Most of these books you can order right now - you don't have to wait until they are released - if it says in stock here you can get them - just click on the title.

We start the year with a quite brilliant idea from Wendy Fries - a book with fifty different ways Holmes and Watson could have met.....

26th January - From an 1879 Kabul train station to a King's College lecture theatre in 2015, The Day They Met includes stories both classic and contemporary, offering fifty intriguing new ways that the world's most legendary partnership might have begun.

13th February - a very unusual and fascinating debut novel from screenwwriter Hamish Crawford. The Best and Wisest Man tells the story of the years 1889-1893 through the eyes of Mary Morstan. This blend of fact and fiction sheds light on a virtually unexplored dimension of the Great Detective’s exploits. It is a perspective Sherlock Holmes —who elevated “true, cold reason … above all things” - would probably not appreciate.

19th March - Teresa Wimmer brings a modern Sherlock Holmes story - 'Sherlock Holmes and The Missing Helmets'. John Watson and his girlfriend plan to go skiing in the German Alps, but because Sherlock Holmes is bored, he comes along with them. Instead of a relaxing holiday, a series of mysterious skiing accidents awaits them. Sherlock and John soon discover that those accidents apparently did not happen accidentally.

26th March - Darkness comes to March in the form of Golems Shadow - The Fall of Sherlock Holmes.Autumn 1903 has not been kind to Sherlock Holmes. Irene Adler, his platonic love, is dead, and the detective has again fallen into the clutches of cocaine. The second Holmes novel from Czech master Petr Macek tackles the dark legend of the Golem.

12th April - Also sees a return to traditional collections for our #1 bestselling author David Marcum. From Russia to India, David's 'Papers of Sherlock Holmes' (Vol 1 & 2) have been international bestsellers in the tens of thousands of copies. He's back with 'Sherlock Holmes - Tangled Skeins'. 

15th April - a new collection from Gregg Rosenquist - if you like your Sherlock Holmes short story patiches traditional, then 'Sherlock Holmes - The Pearl of Death and Other Early Stories' will be an ideal choice.

22nd April - volume 2 of The Final Tales of Sherlock Holmes - The Hampstead Ponies. In this series of five short stories, Holmes and Watson continue their late investigations into dark crimes in 1920s London, joined by their excitable housekeeper at 221B Baker Street, the brilliant, buxom Miss Lily Hudson, and by Jasper Lestrade of Scotland Yard, the ambitious, respectful son of the late George Lestrade.

18th May - The time before Watson has been uncharted, until now. 'When the Song of the Angels is Stilled - A Before Watson Novel - Book One' is the beginning of a very esciting new series. It is Spring, 1874, and twenty-year-old Sherlock Holmes is a lonely, mopey, friendless Oxford student. He attends classes and spends countless solitary hours conducting chemical experiments, reading, and playing his violin. Suddenly, his life changes because of a serendipitous moment on campus.

25th May - The Egyptian Curse - This exciting historical mystery concludes the Enoch Hale – Sherlock Holmes trilogy that began with The Amateur Executioner and continued with The Poisoned Penman.

15th June - Sherlock Holmes books for children are very rare and June brings a very special one. In'Imogene and The Case of The Missing Pearls' a day after Imogene's obnoxious step-cousins pay a visit, her mother's pearls go missing. When Sherlock Holmes is called in, Imogene, harboring a secret desire to become a detective, sees her chance to learn from the great Mr. Holmes.

4th July - fully revised 2nd edition of the first McCabe and Cody book by Dan Andriacco - No Police Like Holmes

19th July - brings the most unusual book we've ever published. A pastiche in verse. In 'Sherlock Holmes and The Menacing Moors'. a call from an old comrade has Holmes chasing a reported agent of Satan between the towering tors and bottomless bogs of Dartmoor only to find the limits of his own confidence and his Public's esteem. Only Watson stands his friend but even his patience is stretched. Sherlock's retreat to the bees of Sussex serves only to show him that his skills are unique and are desperately needed elsewhere. On returning to London, Holmes finds malign forces have been bringing ridicule to his doorstep. In this tale, the Great Sleuth is brought to life, uniquely, in expressive verse, a favourite form of the author who loves the language of Sherlock Holmes and the Menacing Moors.

29th July - Accompanied by Holmes and Watson, Mrs. Hudson crosses the ocean to attend the wedding of her cousin's daughter. They disembark to discover that the young lady's fiancé, a pitcher for the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, stands accused of an attempt on the life of JP Morgan and the death of his aide - Mrs Hudson in New York

5th August - From Montague Street to a supposedly straightforward case of smuggling in Cornwall, Scotland Yard saw more than the disconcerting and dazzling private detective: it also saw an admirable and steadfast British soldier who shared their need for justice.  Doctor John Watson may call himself unremarkable, but the Yard would disagree...- You Buy Bones: Sherlock Holmes and his LondonThrough the Eyes of Scotland Yard

10th August - No Better Place: Arthur Conan Doyle, Windlesham and Communication with The Other Side (1907-1930)

12th August - Sherlock Holmes and The Folk Tale Mysteries - Volume 1 - Join Dr. Watson in the adventures that live on these pages and you’ll never think the same about folk tales and nursery rhymes again.

19th August - Sherlock Holmes as a Pipe Smoker - This monograph presents a complete analysis of all pipe smoking references relating to Sherlock Holmes, as given in the fifty-six short stories and four novels of the canon, as well as in its original illustrations.

9th September - the 2nd MacDougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes book by Derrick and Brian Belanger -Attack of the Violet Vampire: The MacDougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes Book #2 Terror strikes! The Violet Vampire, a winged monster with sharp claws and glowing eyes, has been attacking all of London! Is it an advanced flying machine? An alien from another world? Could it possibly be a real vampire? And how are the notorious outlaws known as The Peterson gang involved with all of this? It's up to The MacDougall Twins and their good friend Sherlock Holmes to solve the case, with help from Inspector Lestrade, Scotland Yard, and a surprising special agent!

15th Septermber - The Final Problem - A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel - Petr Kopl gives us a graphic kick and picks up his third World heroes of tomorrow through the eyes of genius writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

16th September - A revised 2nd editions of The Julia Moriarty Trilogy. This is a collection in paperback of the first three stories written by the English author Dick Gillman. In these stories, he introduces the character of Julia Moriarty. Holmes and Watson become acutely aware of her existence in 1894 in the story aptly recorded by Watson as that of ‘The Shadow of James Moriarty’.

16th September - Sherlock Holmes and The Sword of Osman - For old times’ sake Watson joins his old comrade-in-arms. Within days Holmes and Watson find themselves aboard HMS Dreadnought en route to Stamboul, a city of fabled opulence, high espionage and low intrigue. Their mission: at all costs stop a plot which could bring about the immediate collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

23rd September - from the master of the cross-over pastiche, Steve Seitz comes 'Sherlock Holmes and The House of Pain'. A missionary woman has disappeared in Spitalfields, one of London's most dangerous districts. When Sherlock Holmes in called on to find her, he discovers enormous, highly intelligent rats have made their home under the streets of London. Holmes is forced to confront the horrors of his past and science gone mad. Word of this phenomenon draws the attention of rising zoologist G.E. Challenger, who decides he must meet the creatures' creator, one Dr. Moreau.

30th September - Book Two in the series Sherlock Holmes and the American Literati - Sherlock Holmes and The Baron of Brede Place by Daniel D. Victor

7th October - The Sensible Necktie and other stories of Sherlock Holmes

14th October - Holmes and Watson – An American Adventure - Holmes and Watson, while in America find themselves face to face with Lizzie Borden when two fresh axe murders rock Fall River society. Is Lizzie to blame?

21st October - Sherlock Holmes and the Return of the Whitechapel Vampire is the exciting finalé to the Whitechapel Vampire Trilogy. In this final chapter, Holmes must face more than evil. He must face his own mortality—the only certainty in an uncertain world.

30th October - Sherlock Holmes and The Scarlet Thread of Murder - Two Sherlock Holmes novellas from 1890 are revealed for the first time in this single volume.

4th November - Sherlock Holmes and The Other Woman - Poltergeists, Egyptian myths, and a series of murders make 1898 a year Sherlock Holmes will never forget. From Camden Town to the diamond district, no part of London is safe. It will take all his skills if Holmes is to keep himself, Doctor Watson, and their friends free from harm. He doesn’t need any distractions.What a time for Lady Beatrice to be trapped in a volatile Paris.

11th November - Sherlock Holmes and The Folk Tale Mysteries - Volume 2

18th November - Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Ruby Elephants - With high speed chases on Penny Farthings and a cast of eccentric characters, it takes all of Holmes’ ingenuity - and a little help from Mycroft - to unravel this elephantine mystery.

25th November - Octavius Bear Book 3 - The Case of Scotch - What starts out as a routine visit by Octavius and his crime fighting team, Maury, Otto, L.Condor, the Frau and Colonel, swiftly turns into startling tales of seemingly impossible sabotage against Scottish oil rigs in the North Sea and murder at the castle.

2nd December - A Farewell To Baker Street - these tales are designed to contribute in some small part to the lasting memory of two extraordinary men who once occupied that setting we have come to know and love as 221B Baker Street.

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