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MX Publishing Partners
Behind every successful company are its partners. Here are some of MX Publishing's partners that we would strongly recommend - click on their names for more information:
Staunch Design - the designers behind our most stunning book covers
Powa - their on-demand website service has transformed our online shop. We have more than four times the visitors to our site and feedback from customers and authors is excellent. We now sell books in the USA, France, Holland, Australia and many other countries - and it took less than a day to set up.
Inspired Business Marketing - the genius team behind the new website design - they build on Powa for eCommerce and they do fantastic Wordpress information sites as well.
My Warehouse   -  one of the best things we ever did was to outsource our warehouse and shipping . My Warehouse enables us to run a vitrual warehouse from the comfort of our office - no more piles of books and jiffy bags in every corner.
Enterprise Nation - the UK's best resource for home based businesses. Lots of advice and information and its all free.
The Bookwright - is an inspirational writers mentor who has helped many writers get their project to completion.

Leda Sammarco - is a writers mentor specialising in self-help, business and wellbeing.

Parents In Touch - is a resource for parents and teachers through all stages of eduction and development
Garden Organic - are the UK's leading organisation for gardeners and top of our favourite recycling organisations list.

Patrick Casey - rugby history books from one of the UK's leading rugby history writers.

Caffeine Nights - a fiction publisher with a commitment to sustainability.

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