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A Chronology of Arthur Conan Doyle - Revised 2014 Edition

A Chronology of Arthur Conan Doyle - Revised 2014 Edition

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Brian Pugh

This 2014 edition is a fully revised, updated and expanded edition of the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and supersedes all previous editions.  The first section contains a family tree and a very detailed chronology of the major and minor events in the life of Sir Arthur and his family from 1755 to 1930. This is followed by a section on events from 1930 to 1998, An Arctic Voyage in 1880, the residences of Conan Doyle and his family, where are they buried, locations of plaques and statues, Conan Doyle and cricket, Conan Doyle and football, Innes Doyle and Cricket, a list of biographies and semi-biographical works, a bibliography, a selective list of miscellaneous writings, works consulted and about the chronologist, plus a comprehensive index.  Also included are a number of well produced photographs of Conan Doyle, his family at various times of his life; some of which have not appeared in print before. This publications proves that there is more to Arthur Conan Doyle than just Sherlock Holmes.  

22nd April 2014
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