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Reversing Global Warming For Profit

Reversing Global Warming For Profit

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Bill Butterworth

Global population, conserving fossilised fuel reserves and what the one-time President of the United States of America called the one best way of delivering reversal of global warming. Whatever you think about global warming and global population growth, or whether you think about it at all, most public discussion centres around everything except what to do about it and how, in practical terms, we can deliver it not just for our children but ourselves. This book addresses that question and gives a credible pathway to delivering stability. It does not buck the question of population control; indeed it addresses it head-on in the first chapter with arresting clarity. The logic then moves to the question of fossilised fuel and the production of Carbon dioxide.
The delivery of stability for the human population, argues Bill Butterworth, is in the recognition that these two factors have to be controlled and then he moves on to the mechanisms involved in actually delivering stability in our environment and the reversal of global warming. Logically, the author observes that reversal of warming has been done before and done on a global scale. It is how the fossilised fuel reserves were produced in the first place some 360 million years ago; so we know it works and that it will and can be applied globally.
What this book does is show how it can be done here and now and it solves another problem, too. The closed loop he describes reverses the pollution created by an expanding human population.
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